Monday, October 27, 2008

No wonder they close in September

We traded our hurricane threatened weekend at the beach in September for a cooler, less crowded, post-season couple of weekdays in October.

We knew the electricity of the beach atmosphere was going to be reduced to a dim glow and we were looking forward to the peace and quiet.

It turned out to be full of mystery and intrigue. Appropriate, I suppose, for the month of October and Halloween and all.

There was no hurricane this time. We didn’t, however, plan on it being the monsoon season.

The interior walls of our 18th-floor hotel room shook and rattled as the wind swirled and howled off the ocean. And I mean it literally howled. It wasn’t just the sound of wind. It actually had a creepy, wailing voice that was loud, constant, and went on all night long. The horizontal rain blew in and pecked hard on the sliding glass doors. It was a bit scary.

The storm we we experienced didn't even make the news. I can't imagine being there through a hurricane. Oooooo, shivers.

The wind was so angry that some time during the night it washed a small sailboat up on shore. The next morning the beached boat drew a crowd and a lot of intrigue. Where did it come from? Was there someone on it when it washed ashore? If so, where were they now? How will it get back to its rightful mooring? Oh, my, all the suspense.

It was still stuck in the sand when we checked out.

At least the rain and wind had ceased and sun was shining by the time we checked out. Just in time to head home.

The TV in the room was all about the mystery too. At first we couldn’t figure out how to turn it on. Scott finally discovered a switch on the wall that did the trick. Weird, I know. I picked up the remote to try and figure out which channels were associated with which numbers on the remote. I was trying to find the news channels to get a weather report, of course. I pressed what I thought was the MENU button hoping it would show all the channel listings. All that did was mute the sound.

Can you see why I was so confused between MUTE and MENU?

Obviously I don’t speak the beach lingo. What is a METU anyway? Am I missing something here? Will one of you please explain this to me?

Scott didn’t get to ride a roller coaster since they were all closed for the season, but he did get to ride something that went around in circles, both forward and backward. Those kinds of things make me sick, so I took pictures. His love for those kinds of thrills is a mystery to me. Just watching him, the only one on the ride, go round and round got me tickled. I think I enjoyed that as much as he did.

It was actually very good to be somewhere else for a while and to eat different food and talk about something else other than all the junk we drag around all the time here at home. Now, I just have to get back into life here as we know it. I’m resisting a little.

"I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home." Mark 2:11

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Jules from "The Roost" said...

What an adventure! A little scary too. Glad you are home safe and sound!