Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's 40 degrees outside and I'm going to the beach

Back in September we had to cancel our beach trip thanks to Hurricane Hanna. The reservations we had were non-refundable but they did allow us to reschedule. We changed the dates to this week. Of course, we made that change the first week in September not realizing what else would be going on here in the third week of October. Including the nippy weather.

The last seven days have brought many extra activities, extra overnight guests, and extra drama to my house. Much of it unexpected. None of it was really my personal drama; we just happened to be the safe house for others to ride theirs out. I REALLY need a mini-vacation now!

All the guests are gone now and the delicate dynamics of it all have subsided, just in time for me to pack the suitcase. Not in time, however, for me to get the laundry done. So, I pulled some clothes from the dirty clothes basket, threw them in the dryer with a Snuggle fabric softener sheet and fluffed them up a little bit. They at least smell fresh now and they're packed in the suitcase. Dont' tell anyone my secret.

I'm off the beach to recover from the last seven days. See you next week.

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Jules from "The Roost" said...

Oh I pray you have a wonderful time! Sounds like you need it. I will remember that secret too ;)