Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Got anything good to eat in there?

My husband and I are complete opposites.

He’s always sweating. I’m always shivering.

He’s spontaneous and jumps right in. I have to ruminate first and I prefer having a plan before I do anything, even if the plan changes.

Our tastes for food are completely different. He says puh-tay-toes. I say poe-tah-toes. Actually, it’s more like he calls ‘em taters and if they’re fried I just say no thank you.

When we get older we will never be one of the little old couples that goes out to a restaurant to eat and orders only one entrée and an extra plate. Yes, two entrees may be too much food and too much money for a couple of senior citizens, but it’s either that or one of us will go hungry. We just don’t like the same foods.

Because we live in a very small town and it only takes five minutes to get anywhere, we usually eat lunch together. People ask me if I have lunch with him every day and I always tell them, “Only when I don’t have any better offers.” So, pretty much, we eat lunch together every day.

Earlier this week he was out of town for the day so I was on my own for lunch. It was a perfect opportunity for me to get broccoli and white rice take-out from China Wok or a grilled chicken Caesar salad from McDonalds. Scott would never even entertain the thought of either one of those.

So, what did I do?

I was at home standing at the kitchen counter making my lunch when the phone rang. It was Scott. He asked me if I was making a salad (which consisted of opening a plastic bag, of course) with leftover turkey on it for my lunch. Why, yes, yes, I was.

Scott knew I would go home for lunch, he knew what time I would be there, and he knew exactly what I was going to eat. I am so predictable. He knows it all too well.

I think that’s why God put us together. God knew my boring, predictable ways and my dominating common sense nature would lack adventure and challenge. He knew my bland bag-o-salad and leftover turkey ruts would need a spicy distraction every now and then. Scott is king of that distraction domain and always manages to open my eyes, or my mind, or my mouth to something new and tasty. It’s nourishment that encourages me to grow and I’m thankful for it.

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

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Steve said...

I tried to catch you the other day to take you and Scott to lunch. I guess I was a little late in calling. I ended up at Dimitrio's--BLT sub. Not very nutricious, but filled with a lot of good memories!!!