Monday, March 2, 2009

No - Not - Note

My husband doesn’t read this blog on a regular basis. Instead he catches up on it every few weeks or so, which is fine. Really. When he does read it, he finds all my typing mistakes. I don’t have that much trouble misspelling words, but I do have a tendency to use the wrong word. Well, not exactly the wrong word. More like just not the word I intended to use, but more about that in a minute. I also sometimes add an extra word that doesn’t need to be there or I leave one out that should be there. That is mainly because my brain works way faster than my fingers. If you’ve read many of my posts, you know.

My husband has suggested that I hire him as a proofreader. I admit, I need one. Trouble is, his once-a-month reading just doesn’t suit my schedule. Whatever my schedule is. I don’t even know myself because the past couple of weeks, I have hardly posted anything.


The main reason all of that was on my mind was because I made another typing boo boo at work this morning. I made the same kind of mistake I frequently do. The wrong word came out. It wasn’t that I chose the wrong word. It was my poor typing. See, I type the right word but I end up adding an extra letter or leaving one off, which changes the whole meaning, not only of the word, but of the entire sentence and the complete thought I’m trying to convey.

Here’s what I typed this morning.


Yes, that’s a word and it is spelled correctly. No problem with that.

However, I was addressing an email to my boss’ boss. His name is Doug.

Not Dough.

Dough, boy. I mean, OH, BOY. I sure messed that one up, didn’t I?

(And just so you know, Doug is not really the tall, lean, muscular, athletic type, which made me feel even more stupid. Ugh.)

I get so carried away sometimes that I don’t pay close attention. I do it all the time.

I think it happens in my hearing too, not just my typing. I think I hear one thing, but what is actually being said is something with just one added letter, but a world of difference in the meaning.

Like when I think I hear God saying, “No.” I think I hear that “no” so I sit around waiting on Him to do something different to change the situation.

But what He’s really saying is, “Now.” He’s waiting on ME to do something. For Him. Now.

And you know what? The clarification between “no” and “now” usually comes from other “proofreaders” in my life, my husband among them, who help me with discern what I hear.

"Teach me, and I will be quiet; show me where I have been wrong. How painful are honest words! Job 6:24-25


Jules from "The Roost" said...

You wrote that about me didn't you? That so could be me & not you!

Bonnie @ See How She Runs said...


Glad I am not alone in this. I never cease to amaze my self with my combinations.... my daughter comes up with a few doozies too. Of course, the best ones we have added to our vocabulary...

there was one I was mortified by... still haunts me to this day.

Miss*Suzanne said...

Hey Nancy!

O.K. I'm giggling...I wrote a blog like this not too long ago. I do the same thing quite often. My husband is much better at catching my typos than I am!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm from Fort Mill, just south of Charlotte.

Have a fun day!