Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My thumb is opposed to being opposable

Sometime back in early November I hurt the thumb/wrist on my left hand.

So, you say, how did you hurt your thumb, Nancy?

Well, funny you should ask.

This is the same arm that I had a bad case of tennis elbow on a couple of years ago. I haven't played one single set of tennis since then. Never mind that it had been years since I had played tennis when I first developed the elbow problem back then. And even if I had, I'm right handed. Trying to blame tennis elbow on my mean left-handed power serve was a little bit far fetched.

Maybe my left arm was just a little weak to begin with.

What I have done lately is a lot of typing. I certainly spend more time at the computer than I do on the tennis court. Have you ever noticed, however, that your left thumb is the only one of your ten digits that you do not use to type?

(Texting aside, of course. I'm talking about full size keyboards here. No, I don't text. I opted out of the whole cell phone phenomena and choose to remain unreachable that way. And as far as texting goes, all the abbreviated words bother me. Learn to spell, people. It could prove very useful one day.) [UPDATE...did you know that spellcheck does not recognize the word "texting." How about that?!]

OK, so back to my ailing thumb and wrist. How did it happen? My answer would have to be, I took a nap.

I was reclining on the couch, laying on my left side with my head in my left hand, propped up by my arm bent at the elbow. I dozed off for a while, woke up with a throbbing wrist. I guess my head got too heavy for my hand.

It's been hurting ever since.

After a couple of weeks in pain, I did finally go to the doctor. He gave me some drugs to take and a brace to wear for 10 days, which I did. I don't think it helped any. Over the Christmas holidays the pain seemed to get worse and I just wanted someone to chop my arm off. Surely, that would stop the throbbing. I made a follow-up appointment with the doctor, but he can't see me until this Friday.

Anyway, none of that is the worst part nor the main reason for this post. The trauma for me in all of this is that I have not been able to wear a watch. It hurts too much to have something strapped around my throbbing, burning wrist. Worse than that is the pain and agony of not knowing what time it is. Plus, I hate to be late. Oh the misery and anxiety of being late.

On top of that, I keep a monthly calendar on the wall of the hutch over my desk at work. It's strategically placed where I can quickly glance at it no matter what else I'm doing at my desk. I use the Outlook calendar on my computer to schedule and manage appointments and such, but the calendar on the wall lets me count at a quick glance how many days until payday, or whether the 15th is on a Monday or a Friday. I can look at it and get a quick picture in my mind of how the days fall without having to stop what I'm working on, click over to Outlook, etc.

Without a watch, I haven't found the time to buy a 2009 calendar. Now when I glance over there where one usually hangs, there is just a blank space. Even though I really liked the pictures on the 2008 calendar, I had to take it down because it was confusing me. I can no longer see how many more weekends there are until Valentine's Day. I can't see how many more days it will be until my Amazon.com order arrives.

While I am lost without a watch and a calendar, I suppose there are those who would say that the absence of those things frees them. Not knowing or caring about the time or the day is really the way of a carefree lifestyle. Now, if only I could use my throbbing thumb to hitch a ride down the scenic highway out of town. Maybe then I could get used to the timeless, dateless, carefree lifestyle.

I'm looking for more freedom and relief and scenic highways this new year. How about you?

"But today I am freeing you from the chains on your wrists. Come with me to Babylon, if you like, and I will look after you; but if you do not want to, then don't come. Look, the whole country lies before you; go wherever you please." Jeremiah 40:4


Sarah said...

Oh Nancy. Those are the worst injuries aren't they?

Read your comment on Antique Mommy. No kidding on the nachos. Plus it's just so cold out, and what's so great about the mountain anyway? Nevermind that if I were up there it'd be fabulous. Maybe I can get on the lift on the next go around.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Oh girl I am sorry for all your pain and agony but you tied it in nicely to Jeremiah! ;)

The Pink Potpourri said...

wow...who knew naps could be so brutal!!! hope you are recovering quickly!