Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On more grey hair for me

I'm really kind of a plain jane when it comes to sweets, so my very favorite kind of cake is just plain pound cake. My husband made me one for my birthday. Yes, from scratch.

It went in the oven Sunday afternoon when I went out to a rehearsal. When I got home and opened the front door, oh, the wonderful smell that I walked into. If I breathe deeply I can almost still smell it. Ahhhhh. Mmmmmm.

My birthday wasn't until the next day, so we waited to cut the cake. Of course, the first thing I put in my mouth on the morning of my birthday was a big hunk of that cake. Cake for breakfast. Yummy. Even after we cut it, I still couldn't get over the delicious smell. Close my eyes. Inhale. Ahhhh.

Not only did it smell good, it was oh, so, tasty.

And there were cards. We like lots of cards.

Again, my husband knows me so well. The card in the picture that mentions happy hour is a reference to my new found love of the hours of 2-4 PM at Sonic when a 44 ounce Diet Coke is only $1. Sometimes it is unsweet tea, but usually I stick with the Diet Coke. It's that ice that makes it so good.

My surprise was this cute little Willow Tree figurine holding a book. If you could see the stack on my nightstand, you would know this IS me. Oh, and the gift bag with hearts on it. That's me too.

Later that day, Scott called me to tell me he had cancelled his rehearsal that was scheduled for that night so we could go out to dinner. Which we did.

And then I did a little shopping at Kohl's. I spent less than $50 and got two sweaters and one pair of pants. Wooohooo. It met my "under $20" per item rule, so I didn't have to stress over it. I just bought it 'cause it was my birthday!

All of that to say, my husband has been paying attention. He treated me like it was my special day and he knew exactly what to do to make me smile.

I'm still smiling.

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